Все, в чём я действительно нуждаюсь, это ты

All I Really Need is You Джозеф. П. Мартино, Милльбург

All I really need is you.
don't care for sleek and fancy jets
and Italian sport cars,
the hollywood glitterati and movie stars
vacations at world class resorts and spas.

All I really need is you.

I can take or leave sailing to

exotic destinations on luxurious yachts,
cocktails with the jet set and super smart.

All I really need is you.

I have no desire to own a masterpiece

or any other great work of art,

purchased from auction houses bid and sold, exquisite pieces of jewelry
dripping with diamonds and gold.

All I really need is you.

I'm not interested in a chalet

nestled on a swiss ski resort,
or sailing on a luxury liner
to every foreign port,
that would be my last resort.

All I really need is you.

Soaking up the sun is not my idea of fun,
if truth be told,
the south pacific islands leave me cold,
diving for sunken caribbean treasures,
i'm not so bold.
For I have my pirate's bounty right here at home,
and I have no need to ever roam.

All I really need is you.
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